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Journal Entry: Thu Nov 24, 2011, 6:45 AM

Our affiliated clubs are listed in this journal, and can announce their activities/contests here. The winners of their contests will be featured here too. Also individuals (members only) can announce their projects and contests here. Send us a note, with a description, link to the journal/news, and the end date.

To our members... please visit these clubs, join them, as they will support and expose your work!

New affiliated clubs are of course always welcome! Just send us a note with subject "Affiliate Request", and we will add you...

News & Contests

:earth: :iconwildlife101club: WildLife101Club :new:

WildLife101Club is hosting 2011’s Ugliest Animal Contest!

:bulletred: contest open to all WildLife101Club members and admins!
:bulletred: photography only.
:bulletred: max. 3 entries per person. (submit entries HERE…)
:bulletred: photos must be taken in the year 2011.
:bulletred: Only non-domestic/wild species of animals accepted.
:bulletred: All animal classes accepted; mammals, fish, arachnids, reptiles, amphibians & more.
:bulletred: No animal cruelty or abuse allowed!
:bulletred: No extremely ill or dead/ rotting animals. Animals must be alive & ugly by their own nature (or accident of).
:bulletred: No makeup or props to make an animal appear uglier than it is.

:bulletred: 1st place – 1,200 points
:bulletred: 2nd place- 600 points
:bulletred: 3rd place- 300 points
:bulletred: Each honorable mention will get 100 points.
:bulletred: All winners & honorable mentions will be features in the club and founder's journal.

:bulletred: Contest ends December 31st, 2011. At midnight USA central time

:star: More info:…

:earth: :iconlittle-big-planet: Little-Big-Planet :new:

:bulletred: Theme: Stay Frosty.
:bulletred: submission must be your OWN photographed work.
:bulletred: submission must be of nature.
:bulletred: photos should be macro or of a small natural object. Be creative!
:bulletred: max. 9 (NINE) submissions per person. Remember: quality over quantity!
:bulletred: submit your entries into the Stay Frosty folder.

:bulletred: 1st place - 1 year premium membership! (or equivalent points value)
:bulletred: 2nd place - 6 month premium membership! (or equivalent points value)
:bulletred: 3rd place - 3 month premium membership.
:bulletpurple: There's a twist! For every 100 submissions, an additional 1 month premium membership will be thrown into the prize pool!

:bulletred: Contest ends February 28th, 2012.

:star: More info: little-big-planet.deviantart.c…

:earth: fictionalnostalgia's SUMMER RAIN (under appreciated) contest.
:bulletred: Entries must have less than 50 favorites.
:bulletred: Entries must feature water/ droplets/ rain.
:bulletred: Photography ONLY.
:bulletred: Entries must be in the photography category.
:bulletred: Entries must be good quality.

:star: More info:…

:earth:  :iconanothercontestgroup: AnotherContestGroup
an amazing group that works hard to find, organize and logs ALL and EVERY contest on deviantArt! What they are doing is just phenomenal.

If you're looking for a place where you can find current ongoing contests all around dA, you definitely will have to go over to AnotherContestGroup and look around.

:earth: Help a fellow member Chezza932  design a tattoo!!

The design must contain:
:bulletred: a dragon
:bulletred: an Australian flag
:bulletred: a Danish flag
:bulletred: something music related (e.g. musical notes/symbols, musical instrument - I play classical guitar, etc.)

Deadline: 30th November'2011
:star: More info: highlycontrasting.deviantart.c…

:earth: :iconnaturephotographer: has been featured in the news article
Dramatic Insights: Scapes of All Kinds. by Squirrelflight-77
Go give it some :love:!!

:earth: Ogrefairy is in need of help.
She is offering commissions in order to raise money as she is out of work due to a genetic condition and unable to take care of her family.

Baseline price I'm asking is $25 but I will take whatever you have to offer, anything between $5-$50+. I am completely flexible on pricing and content. I will draw anything you would like and am willing to work with you if you only have a basic idea.

Her journal is here… or you can note her directly on her dA account.

Winners Features

:icontrees-with-character: :new:
:bulletgreen: Theme: Twisted Tree Contest :bulletgreen:

1st place:

:iconsewesth: sewesth
Olive trees by sewesth

2nd place:

:iconingoschobert: IngoSchobert
Entangled By The Fire Witch by IngoSchobert

3rd place

:iconeerinvink: EerinVink
Tree of life newest version by EerinVink

Runners up:


Twist by Gejorge

Siny dab by modliszqa

Honorable Mentions:

The Tree by Tistelmark

Quircus Stompus by artserge

Lonely old tree 2 by beads-poet

Tangled by Isyala

:bulletgreen: Theme: Beauty of Everyday Objects :bulletgreen:

1st place:

:iconmattnick: MattNick
The Surgeon's Dinner Set. by MattNick

2nd place:

:icondukeofspade: dukeofspade
Fork way by dukeofspade

3rd place:

:iconcottoon: Cottoon

:iconphotographicnature: 3rd contest WINNERS!

:bulletgreen: Theme: Animal Faces

1st place:

:iconreal-nela: Real-Nela
Gorilla by Real-Nela

2nd place:

:iconxthumbtakx: xthumbtakx
turaco by xthumbtakx

Third Place:
:iconpiturianer: PiTurianer
Buzzard_1 by PiTurianer

Everyone, please go and check them out. :D

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